Rely on the Experts

STATdx, written by renowned radiologists in each specialty,
provides comprehensive decision support you can rely on, including:
  • 4,600+ common and complex diagnoses with cine clips for selected topics
  • 200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples
  • 1,500+ differential diagnosis modules
  • 400+ normal imaging anatomy modules
  • 20,000 easily-sortable patient cases
  • 200+ basic and advanced procedures
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Confidence in Your Diagnosis

Get the tools to help you make a confident diagnosis:
  • Use STATdx expert differential lists to determine what other diseases you should consider
  • Compare multiple diagnoses side by side
  • Investigate patient case examples for even the most uncommon diseases
  • Follow up on the latest journal articles with RADSearch
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Answers Right When You Need Them

The powerful, Google-like search and a concise, bulleted format make it easy for you to find essential information the moment you need it. You can also mark favorites to share with colleagues, track your history, and decide how you would like to view the content to best fit your needs.